Growing A Community
(Not Just Wellness Herbs)

We dig deep.

Wellbeing is within us.

We work toward it every day with self-care and sound choices.

We listen to sage advice, not plans or programs.

So, we feed our body with key herbs and spices that switch on our untapped abilities, the same ingredients that have been empowering people for thousands of years. Some boost our performance, others are for maintenance, but all are made by the seasoned experts at EarthRight using the same things we cook with, in dosages perfectly balanced to evoke their awesome effects*.

The results are in. We dig the benefits.
The hard work is up to us.

the Right Seeds
A Journey of Discovery
Our planet is our biggest treasure, and the source of our health. We're driven by the urge to explore the untapped powers of herbs and spices, and it's our dream to harness those benefits for a healthier planet with healthier people.
Lessons Learned From Flavor
McCormick's passion for flavor has brought people together across the table and across the world for over 130 years, igniting shared experiences and shared purpose. While searching for the richest, most delicious herbs and spices we've also seen
first-hand how beneficial those ingredients can be. We believe everyone should have access to Nature's powers, so we're passionate about sharing our knowledge and passing along those health benefits to everyone.
Dedicated to Sustainable Sourcing
The Earth is at the center of everything we do. Both the people and the planet are a part of our mission, and EarthRight was concieved with sustainability at the forefront. If our goal is to teach coming generations about nature's benefits, we need to ensure those generations will continue to live on a healthy planet.

This mentality factors into every decision that we make. Our glass bottles are designed to be 100% recyclable, our herbs and spices are sourced sustainably, and even the paper we use is seeded to continue the loop of giving back to nature for everything we take from it.
A Passionate Few
The science of wellness is evolving fast, and so will we. EarthRight has come from a small team created specifically for their agility and passion. As natural health and wellness knowledge grows we'll be right at the forefont, learning and growing alongside you.
Driven by Purpose
Since EarthRight has grown from McCormick, it's only natural we're instilled with the same goals of purpose-led performance. Our commitments to people, communities, and our planet inform every decision that we make. Through our efforts we help people live better lives, so that they can in-turn look out for each other and the Earth. It's an ongoing journey, but by promoting and embodying positive values we aim to make health and happiness accessible for all.
130 years of excellence

We’re Seasoned Experts

At EarthRight by McCormick, we believe that herbs and spices have enormous untapped potential to enhance our health.

We have over 130 years of experience collaborating with communities of farmers from around the world to source nature's most healthful herbs, spices and botanicals.

We understand the science and secrets used by ancient cultures to effectively tap into the full wellness potential of herbs and spices and bring them from farm to you in fresh, new ways.

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